Ultimate Guide to Content Strategy in 2019

2019 is here and you are already setting up a new business or trying to give your business a fresh look. You hired the best website designer for your new and improved website and now you’re thinking this is the year you are going to make your mark. But none of this matter is your content is a mess or maybe your content is full of potential but it is not presented well. Having the right strategy for your content is perhaps the most important aspect of any business.

The market is cluttered with similar products being sold under different brand names and there are customers who realize that there is absolutely no difference between a $50 and $500 product and yet they will buy what’s more expensive. It’s because bigger brands invest more in their content and hire the best person who can turn their average content into something inspiring. The market is filled with professionals such as Globalwritinghub that can provide the best writing help to kickstart your business. Here we are sharing with you the ultimate content strategy guide to get you going:

Content Strategy 2019 # 1: Get your basics right first

get your basic right - content strategy 2019

Any content creator or marketer undergoes a learning curve from being a complete amateur to becoming a pro. 2019 has just kicked off and you want to start off on the right foot, am I right? The best way to improve your content is to re-evaluate your previous content from the perspective of a reader. Best way to learn what went wrong last year is by getting help from professional content marketers who can proofread your content and restructure it according to your business needs.

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Content Strategy 2019 # 2: User-generated Content


According to 2016 social survey it was found that user engagement is the second most important factor that improves content performance. Nowadays, almost every organization has a social media presence which stays active through poles, posts and advertisements. One of the best ways of getting people engaged in your content is by generating a discussion and people are always eager to give their opinion on everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Consumer psychology is not based on what the brand says but on what other people think about the brand. Starting a health conversation on social media can help some of the loyal customers to spread their views regarding the brand which can serve as a cost-effective way of publicity.

Content Strategy 2019 # 3: Work on the visuals

work on the visual

There is a huge misconception among amateur that content writers are all about words and using engaging catchphrases. Content marketers and strategists are not paid on the basis of how experienced they are but rather on their creative potential. Any contemporary content writing professionals would recommend visualization over using just merely words. Studies have shown that it takes less than 8 seconds for an individual to scan through the entire webpage and decide whether they’ll proceed or leave. This brings us to our next point which is cross-platform compatibility.

Content Strategy 2019 # 4: Cross-platform compatibility

Cross-Platform compatibility

Many brands make this mistake of creating their visual content before agreeing on the plan regarding on which platforms that content will be displayed. They first start with choosing content, which can only be displayed on their social media platform and then realize that some of those pictures cannot be rendered on mobile sites.

Content Strategy 2019 # 5: Product Focused Content

Product focused content

Now it might come as a shock to many content marketers but brand-focused content and expertly written subject matter have been outperformed by product-focused content. As mentioned earlier, customer engagement is one of the most effective content strategies. This shows that company priorities customer’s needs over their brand promotion.

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Content Strategy 2019 # 6: Interactive Short Video

Interactive Video by Clickview.co.nz

There is not a shred of doubt in the fact that video content is far more engaging than using merely words. Several reports have shown that video content is effective in every consumer culture in almost every part of the world especially those videos that are precise and simple. The reason behind this is the convenience for the consumer to understand the product and the brand without much reading required.

“Go through this content strategy guide and if you use these tips effectively, there is no doubt you are going to be a big hit in 2019. Always listen to your customers and keep learning”

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