How to resize an image without losing quality?

Operating images is quite an essential job in the digital era. So if anyone wants to reduce or enlarge the size of images, changing the resolution or alter images to fulfill any other requirements, but, it is necessary, not diminish quality in the resizing process. So there is a variety of programs available on the web, but from those only three are mostly used, full of features and effects. Those tools are mentioned below:

GIMP (version 2)

This tool is one of the premier free tools that can be utilized for almost all processes related to images. It is just like the free one version of Adobe Photoshop with multitude features that make it a remarkable option for especially home users.

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Of course, by using this tool one cannot only take advantages of optimizing and standard editing as well as, users can also enlarges pictures with GIMP tool and even without losing minor to none of the real quality.


IrfanView is a compact and fast image converter. This tool is easy to use for beginners and powerful for professionals. It supports file formats and features include, plugins, Thumbnail option, multi-language support, slideshow, painting, fast directory browsing, toolbar skins, batch conversion/editing, multipage editing, change color depth, file search, cut/crop, capturing, IPTC edit, EXE/SCR creating, lossless JPG operations, ICC support, scanning, watermark image option, command line options and many hotkeys.


Photoshop is the well-known tool and it is paid as well as freely available with some lack of features. It is a clear choice for professional users, but, once one gets the grip of it, it is rather simple to use even if one is a newbie. Of course, its final result will be much better than of the other two tools enlisted above.

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